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Executive Briefing on IPv6 - New Version of the Internet Protocol

Executive Briefing on IPv6 - New Version of the Internet Protocol

This briefing is for non-technical board directors and senior management at organisations for which information technology is business critical. It focuses on the implications for your business, but those in technology roles may also find it a useful resource for discussing the issues with non-technical colleagues.

IPv6 is the next generation protocol, allowing the internet to grow to many billions of times its current size. Some advantages of making your organisation visible over IPv6 revolve around accessibility, minimising long-term costs, future growth and also planning for the future.  This briefing covers the following key areas:
-  Internet Protocol addresses
-  What does IPv6 mean for your organisation and your technical team?
-  Avoid disadvantage
-  Competive advantage
-  Next steps to IPv6.

Sponsors:      Nominet        |       Intellect       |         CBI          |      6 UK

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