Site to Site Connectivity

Site to Site Connectivity

The Importance of Site to Site Connectivity

A key indicator for business growth is the growing presence for a particular business at multiple locations, either through remote workers or agents and established branches. However, as the business expands to various sites and the way employees work are changing dramatically in highly competitive market, network operations become more complicated and maintaining proper telecommunications between these sites is not only highly technical but would also incur considerable cost.

The availability of site to site connectivity solutions using Ethernet network technologies that are specifically designed for the needs of a growing business is now readily available and at much lower costs compared to traditional or legacy networks. These solutions offer reliable and cost-effective site to site connectivity between the main enterprise site and remote locations, allowing unhampered flow of information between these sites.    

Taking Advantage of Ethernet Services

Ethernet services have grown in popularity and adoption due to considerably lower costs while providing excellent network connectivity, higher bandwidths, faster speeds and increased flexibility. Businesses should take advantage of these benefits and achieve high quality, secured and integrated services for their voice and data communications between multiple locations – even if they are spread throughout the country.
Now, more and more organisations and businesses are deploying Ethernet services in their networks, and many more are planning to deploy similar services in the near future. The following describes the foremost site to site connectivity options that you can choose that will cater to the distinct telecommunications needs of your business.
Site-to-Site Connectivity Options for Your Business
Leased Lines

Leased lines are the best choice for businesses that require fixed bandwidth connections between their sites for their data, voice and internet needs. Also known as Private Circuits, these services are perfect for enterprises that require a dedicated line that is not only always on but provides highly-reliable fixed bandwidth connectivity. These services are also ideal for businesses that need to transmit large amounts of data between their sites – without breaking the bank. The following are the key features of leased lines:

• Flexible bandwidths
• Large networks access across the United Kingdom
• Communication links between critical business processes can be rapidly installed
• Fix times and availability are guaranteed

Ethernet Extensions

Also called LAN extensions, Ethernet extensions provides point to point connectivity between sites at flexible bandwidths and speeds, allowing large amounts of data to be transported between multiple locations that are part of the business network. Ethernet extension services are cost effective and are offered with comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and extensive 24/7 customer support. The following describes the key features of Ethernet extension services:

• Unlimited usage at fixed prices
• Cost effective point-to-point connectivity using a single connection
• High speeds that can cater to your business requirements from 10Mb or up to 1 Gigabytes.

National Ethernet

If a business has nationwide presence at various locations across the country, one of the best solutions available in maintaining site to site connectivity is national Ethernet. With such services, headquarters can hook up with remote branches as if they were just located in an adjacent room or building. All branches can be operated as a single Ethernet domain without the need for installing additional routing equipments or implementing complicated routing protocols.

With such services, business presence at different parts of the country is now more affordable and feasible; reducing costs incurred for travel as well as improve overall productivity. The following describes some of the key features of national Ethernet services.

• Bandwidth flexibility depending on your needs
• Users have flexibility and much greater degree of control over their network routing
• Scalability and upgrades are possible and can be done remotely

Ethernet VPN

The growing demand for Virtual Private network infrastructures across greater geographical locations can be catered to by Ethernet-based VPN services. This service not only will reduce bandwidth and network management costs, but it will also provide businesses with a more simplified but highly flexible network across various locations around the country – providing excellent site to site connectivity at the fraction of the cost of legacy networks. The following are some of the key features of Ethernet VPN.

• High bandwidth connectivity
• Site to site connectivity between five or more sites across national locations
• Secured transfer of critical or proprietary business information and data
• Highly reliable applications for voice, data and video across multiple sites


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