Microsoft to Launch ‘Office on Demand’

News Article - Thursday, 30 August 2012 11:36

By: Kerry Butters Category: Networking

Microsoft have announced that they are to offer Office 2013 on a "click to run” basis, which is an improvement on the current Office 365 and allows customers to use software, such as Word, Powerpoint and suchlike on demand.

The software giant says that this is just one part of its strategy to bring Office apps "as an integrated part of our Software + Services offering”. This is due to the changing landscape over the last five years of what customers expect from a software provider; mobile, tablets and smaller laptops mean that people want to be able to access software on the go, over the internet.

"Our goal with Click-to-Run in the new Office is to make finding, installing, and using the Office applications as fast, easy, and secure as possible,” Paul Barr, Lead Program Manager for Click-to-Run explained.

"Going to a physical store is quickly becoming a big barrier for getting new software. Not only that, but we don’t think our customers should even have to think about "getting software”. They just want the right tools, for the right device, when they need it to get their tasks done. Click-to-Run and Office on Demand are about making that happen."

He went on to explain that previous versions of Office was "too impactful” as it created a virtual partition which caused problems for some users; this "side effect of the virtualisation” meant that apps were often slow to start and some people suffered compatibility issues.

The new Click-to-Run (v2.0) is expected to be faster, better integrated and designed to be more modern and agile, doing away with the need to fully install Office apps.

At present, if you download the Office 2013 Preview, then you are signing up to Office 365 Premium which allows for the provisioning of the software on up to five machines. In the future, Click-to-Run will be available not just through Microsoft, but also on partner websites.

Customers will be able to choose language and install options as well as 32 and 64bit versions, however, for most people they advise downloading the 32bit option for compatibility reasons.

"That’s the end of the Click-to-Run experience. It’s faster, smoother, and has better progress than any previous Office release. Early data says that Click-to-Run v2.0 installs actually succeed at a higher rate than Windows Installer packages, and we’re doing everything we can to make it the best installation experience ever,” Barr said.

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