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Networking: Networking is the practice of making contact and exchanging information with other people, groups or institutions. Usually, networking occurs with other people who have interests in similar areas. The goal of the networking relationship may be to further your personal employment opportunities or to cultivate new clients or the expansion of business relationships. Networking is also a term of art used in the computer industry. (Source:

Managing 21st Century Networks - A World of Convergence

Section: Research
The Internet Protocol (IP) - used for transmitting data across networks everywhere - has moved beyond its origins. Once one of many, it has become a near standard for all types of computer communication. It is used pervasively, transmitting data to and from a multitude of devices ranging from those in our pockets to spacecraft circling distant planets. Arguably IP is the most successful open standard ever, but as network communications converge under a single standard used for an increa ...   read more

Executive Briefing on IPv6 - New Version of the Internet Protocol

Section: Research
This briefing is for non-technical board directors and senior management at organisations for which information technology is business critical. It focuses on the implications for your business, but those in technology roles may also find it a useful resource for discussing the issues with non-technical colleagues. IPv6 is the next generation protocol, allowing the internet to grow to many billions of times its current size. Some advantages of making your organisation v ...   read more

How Much Does Desktop PC Support Actually Cost?

Section: Research
The last bastion of obscurity in IT spend?   Now, here's a direct question. Do you, or does anyone in your organisation, know precisely how much money you spend on PC support?   In principle, this sound straightforward enough to answer – after all, isn’t it just about the desktops and laptops, and the software they run? But in our travels we have come across very few organisations that have a really good handle on PC supp ...   read more

Industry Best Practices for IT Support

Section: Research
Context:  Industry best practices such as ITIL, COBIT and ISO equivalents are increasingly being discussed as a way of optimising IT service delivery.   This research note looks at how best practices are being adopted in the area of internal IT support and the impact they can have on end user satisfaction.   DATA SOURCE(S):  Online research study in which information was gathered ...   read more

IT Services and Systems Management

Section: Research
Most organisations deliver joined up IT services as an important and fundamental part of the business. The key challenge is to make sure IT services and systems are delivered reliably and efficiently. How well does your IT department do in this area and what are the opportunities for optimising the delivery of IT services?   Key findings discussed in this report include:   -  The passive evolution ...   read more

Limiting Social Networking's Abuse of Mobile Bills

Section: Research
Given that the number of employees using some form of mobile technology while working has soared, organisations clearly need positive policies for appropriate management of mobile assets.   This white paper will help you to understand employees' mobile usage and behaviours, plus the importance of putting appropriate policies in place to ensure business requirements are met, whilst acceptable personal use is still enabled.     read more

Solving Last Mile Connection Speed Problems

Section: Research
When you experience a slow or inconsistent Internet connection it is often difficult to gather the needed information and determine the problem, but the answer is easier than you may think. Computer networks are by design contention based networks. This means a network is shared by many and all network traffic for the many has to somehow contend to survive. The majority of the problems experienced by home users and indeed some corporate network users fall into two distinct camps ...   read more

Don't forget the network

Section: Research
The overall IT networking requirements of a given organisation are not provided as a single utility. Instead they comprise a constantly evolving patchwork of technology and services, some maintained in-house and some provided by third parties, the availability and performance of which are often taken for granted until something goes wrong. Over time this ‘network’ has become embedded in nearly every business process; when the network fails the processes fail too. To prevent this ...   read more

Cisco Study finds Data Protection Biggest Cloud Worry

Section: News
Cisco have published the results of its 2012 Global Cloud Networking survey and has found data protection security is the toughest challenge IT Pros face during the cloud migration process. 72% of those asked said that data protection was their main concern, followed by reliability and availability of cloud applications (67%). The study, titled "Root Canal or Cloud Migration”, also found that more than a quarter of those asked offered the view that it would take longer to migrat ...   read more

Discovering Start-Ups 2012 Competition Begins

Section: News
This year’s Discovering Start-Ups competition for technology entrepreneurs and Wi-Fi businesses has kicked off and interested companies are invited to enter the race to win a prize fund worth around £5000 and a free delegate ticket to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The competition is being run by Cambridge Wireless and Silicon South West and has already attracted a "wide range of entrants from all over the UK”. A full list of all the entrants so far can be found on t ...   read more

HP vies to cut energy consumption and cost of servers

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Hewlett-Packard (HP) is vying to reduce the carbon footprint, complexity and cost of its enterprise server technology by encouraging firms to adopt converged infrastructure - which allows for the effective sharing of resources. Dubbed Project Moonshot, the new drive to make IT infrastructure more environmentally friendly will encompass storage, networking, read more

Li-Fi is the New Wi-Fi

Section: News
Researchers have found that the next high-speed data networking connections could be powered by a simple light bulb. Whilst older filament bulbs aren't quite up to the task, due to the speed at which light has to flicker, the new LED-based lights are. The technology works by creating a flicker that is indiscernible to the human eye but can be picked up by a photodetector, which can pick up the stream of binary which is created by a blinking bulb. The ones and zeros are then compress ...   read more

LulzSec hacker could be tracked over VPN

Section: News
A second LulzSec hacker could be arrested if they are traced using a British virtual private network (VPN) proxy service. The decision to pursue the hacker known as Neuron, would follow hot on the heels of a similar arrest made last week. Placeholder0Following the detainment of Cody Krestinger by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) last week, the hacking community expressed its outrage at the use of VPNs to track alleged miscreants. In the case of Mr Krestinger, the FBI f ...   read more

Network Connectivity: Considerations on Moving into the Cloud

Section: Articles
Network connectivity, although not widely perceived to be a major obstacle to the adoption of Cloud services, continues to rear its head during discussions of Cloud adoption risks. These concerns are not without cause: many Cloud services are wholly dependent on stable network connectivity for functionality, availability, responsiveness and overall p ...   read more