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WAN acceleration

WAN acceleration: WAN acceleration is a key enabler of strategic IT initiatives and enterprise goals, including branch office networking, central storage repositories, and business continuity planning. WAN connections and delivery may be established using dedicated leased lines or cloud services that are owned and operated by providers and shared by multiple subscribers. Furthermore, the diversity among protocols, platforms, and performance rates adds layers of complexity to traffic optimization for network engineers and infrastructure implementers.(Source: Realtime Nexus)

WAN Application Delivery is the Key to Making Angry Birds Fly

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WAN application delivery—and by necessity, related issues such as data quality, monitoring and optimisation, is one of the biggest behind-the-scenes technologies in the marketplace. It may not get the media attention as do the angry birds that populate the latest mobile games, but how this market shakes out may well make the difference on whether your angry birds catapult across the sky on a timely basis.   According to IDC, WAN application delivery is one of ...   read more