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Network Service Provider

Network Service Provider:

A network service provider (NSP) is a business or organization that sells bandwidth or network access by providing direct backbone access to the Internet and usually access to its network access points (NAPs)[citation needed]. For such a reason, network service providers are sometimes referred to as backbone providers or internet providers.

Network service providers may consist of telecommunications companies, data carriers, wireless communications providers, Internet service providers, and cable television operators offering high-speed Internet access. ( Source: Wikipedia)

Is Network Traffic Monitoring Failing – Customer Complaints Remain Number 1 Problem

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Despite network monitoring tools consuming hundreds and millions of corporate dollars, customer complaints for poor service are at an all-time high consuming even more of the corporate budget. To understand why network monitoring fails in its objective, it is first necessary to examine how the use of networks has transitioned in the last ten to fifteen years. Network traffic patterns have dramatically changed. With few exceptions, the early years of the internet were drive ...   read more

4G Spectrum Auction Kicks Off

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The 4G spectrum auction has begun accepting bids from seven interested networks competing to acquire the new airwaves necessary to provide the new, superfast mobile broadband technology. Ofcom has announced that bidders include: EE Ltd, HKT (UK), 3G UK, MLL Telecom Ltd, Niche Spectrum Ventures Ltd (subsidiary of BT), Telefonica UK Ltd and Vodafon ...   read more

BT: London 2012 Most Connected Games Ever

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As the 2012 Olympic Games swiftly approach, BT has detailed some of the challenges that they and others involved in the technology side of the Games have faced over the past four years. The communications company will be providing telephone and data connections to Olympic venues, as well as the athlete’s village and Olympic Park. BT said that London 2012 will be "the most connected games ever” and that they have done everything they can to ensure that the infrastructure is in pl ...   read more

Icann will use Raffle to decide new Suffixes

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Internet name regulator Icann is to decide today which order it will use to organise applications for new suffixes today; in a raffle for new top-level domains (gTLDs). The raffle will take place later on today and is expected to last around 6 hours. 1,930 applications   read more

Intel and Qualcomm to Bail-Out Sharp

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Leading chip makers Intel and telecommunications firm Qualcomm are carrying out talks to invest in ailing Japanese electronics firm, Sharp Corp. Whilst details of the discussions have not yet been released, it’s thought that the two firms may jointly invest around 30bn yen ($378mn). Sharp produces the displays for Apple products iPads and iPhones sees an opportunity to further expand on the display market as screens get smaller. Intel, who produces Ultrabooks, sees the potentia ...   read more

Ofcom Hand Out £250k Fine To Three

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Ofcom has handed Three, the UK’s fastest growing network, with a £250,000 fine over its inadequate handling of customer complaints. The investigation into Three forms part of the UK communications regulator’s wider monitoring and enforcement programme designed to ensure that communication providers in the UK are handling customer grievances and complaints fairly and appropriately. The inquiry found that Three did no ...   read more