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Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring:

The term network monitoring describes the use of a system that constantly monitors a computer network for slow or failing components and that notifies the network administrator (via email, pager or other alarms) in case of outages. It is a subset of the functions involved in network management. ( Source: Wikipedia)

Don't forget the network

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The overall IT networking requirements of a given organisation are not provided as a single utility. Instead they comprise a constantly evolving patchwork of technology and services, some maintained in-house and some provided by third parties, the availability and performance of which are often taken for granted until something goes wrong. Over time this ‘network’ has become embedded in nearly every business process; when the network fails the processes fail too. To prevent this ...   read more

Do ‘Network Monitoring’ solutions Help or Hinder the Online Customer Experience?

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Considering the very large investments made by businesses and service providers in network monitoring solutions, why is poor service quality still the number one complaint from online customers? Have the customer demands for the online experience changed or is the prob ...   read more

Does lack of Net neutrality destroy the benefits of network monitoring?

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What is Net Neutrality? In simple terms it is the principle that all Internet users are equal and there are no restrictions imposed by Internet service providers on user's content, on the publisher or the content, on the usage of the content or performance of the flow of content. I have often used the similarities of road traffic to ...   read more

Is Network Traffic Monitoring Failing – Customer Complaints Remain Number 1 Problem

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Despite network monitoring tools consuming hundreds and millions of corporate dollars, customer complaints for poor service are at an all-time high consuming even more of the corporate budget. To understand why network monitoring fails in its objective, it is first necessary to examine how the use of networks has transitioned in the last ten to fifteen years. Network traffic patterns have dramatically changed. With few exceptions, the early years of the internet were drive ...   read more

London Olympics traffic light policy changes exposes identical problems for Internet traffic

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For those who have had the privilege of driving in London you will be only too aware that traffic moves at a snail’s pace throughout the day and then slows down during rush hours.  Traffic demand that exceeds the capacity of extremely narrow roads delivers the expected result of frustratingly long delays.  If one must drive into London to meet at an appointed time, the traveler would be well advised to plan the journey with time to spare or plan on missing it. F ...   read more

Network Monitoring- Why we need it, and why it doesn't work

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One of the first things the network manager of an enterprise will do, if it hasn't been done already, is implement a network monitoring system. Considered an essential part of the network, much time, money and effort is put into deploying and maintaining a monitoring system, and even more time, money and effort into interpreting the results. For a large enterprise, costs can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, though fortunately for the purveyors of network monitoring syst ...   read more

Popular Myths about Internet Speed

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Every time an advertisement for an Internet Service provider appears in the media, the focus is to aggressively extol the virtues of ‘so many' megabits per second. These advertisements are designed to increase sales, playing to the Internet users obsession with ‘speed'. The end result is that almost all users are brainwashed into thinking that faster speeds make applications perform faster and that their Internet experience will dramatically improve. Sadly nothing can be further from the tr ...   read more

Thank You

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  Your requested content will be emailed to you shortly  If you do not receive it, please be sure to check your junk / spam folder                    < ...   read more

Amazon now offers Dedicated Network Connection in UK

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has begun its Direct Connect service in the UK region with a dedicated direct internet service and a London-based data centre. Amazon’s dedicated network will allow organisations to connect directly to its network, from their datacentre or co-location operations without a public internet service provider. The Direct Connect services will prove advantageous to small businesses as well as large organisations, as it will lower network costs as well as ...   read more

Facebook Sets Up ‘Dark Web’ Service

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Facebook has created the ability for users to start anonymously connecting to the social network via the ‘dark web’ service Tor. Launched in 2002, Tor  is an open source project that allows people to access the internet without having to share their identifying informa ...   read more

FBI Monitoring Web for Terrorist Activity

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A report from Total Telecom, one of the leading sources for global telecommunications information, has found that the FBI and other security agencies are monitoring the internet for terrorist activity. The report cites Google as the source for this, as it released figures under the Google Tran ...   read more

Network Budgets on the rise- likely to surge by 8.7% in 2012

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Mobile Technologies, Video and Cloud Computing to increase Network budget by 8.7% in 2012, says a fresh study at IDC. The latest study by IDC, has found that the year 2012, will commence with major spending on networking equipment and infrastructure across market segments. Three new technologies-- Mobile Technology in the Enterprises, exponential rate of Video Consumption and read more

Ofcom Hand Out £250k Fine To Three

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Ofcom has handed Three, the UK’s fastest growing network, with a £250,000 fine over its inadequate handling of customer complaints. The investigation into Three forms part of the UK communications regulator’s wider monitoring and enforcement programme designed to ensure that communication providers in the UK are handling customer grievances and complaints fairly and appropriately. The inquiry found that Three did no ...   read more

SecureWorks in Dell portfolio to Boost Security delivery

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Dell goes the HP-way, with acquisition of SecureWorks, a popular Managed Security product that has consistently performed well, with revenues exceeding $120 million while supporting 2,900 clients spread over 70 countries.   While HP, with acquiring Fortify software, ArcSight last year prepared itself for a long-drawn battle with competitors- Dell and Cisco; Dell too chose the acquisition path to build capability in the Security Management segment as the industry ...   read more

US Lawmakers urge Homeland Security to pick ‘security threat’ trends on Social Media

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US lawmakers, cutting across party lines, are urging analysis of social media traffic to track ‘current or emerging threats’ by the Department of Homeland Security. US lawmakers—Patrick Meehan and Jackie Speier—are part of a counter-terrorism subcommittee of leading Republicans and Democrats belonging to the House Homeland Security Committee’s intelligence counter-terrorism subcommittee. This follows the publishing of a long list of websites, which Homeland ...   read more