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Virtual Desktop : In computing, a virtual desktop is a term used with respect to user interfaces, usually within the WIMP paradigm, to describe ways in which the size of a computer's desktop environment is expanded beyond the physical limits of the screen's real estate through the use of software, this saves space in the desktop area. (Source: Wikipedia)

40% of Workers Never Heard of Virtualization, according to Cisco Study

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A new study by Cisco mConcierge partners has found that 40% of workers have never heard of the term virtualization, including IT personnel. 53% of those that don’t work in IT have never heard anything about the technology and just 34% think that the company they work for uses virtualization. Worse, 80% of top-level executives have no idea whether using virtualization solutions would benefit their company or not. Bearing this in mind, it’s no real surprise that   read more

Cisco and Citrix in desktop virtualization partnership

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IT heavyweights Cisco and Citrix have formed a new desktop virtualization alliance that is expected to improve the deployment of large IT infrastructure solutions. The firms are also hoping that the partnership will result in significant virtualization optimisation - particularly when it comes to virtual desktop deployments over wide area ...   read more

Cisco predicts huge growth in cloud computing traffic

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Cisco has predicted a huge growth in cloud computing in the coming years, with traffic tripling between 2010 and 2015. According to the firm's Global Cloud Index (2010-15) report, the amount of data being shifted to and from cloud systems will rise 12-fold and the total amount transmitted during 2015 is expected to reach 1.6 trillion gigabytes.In its report the firm said that the majority of data being shifted around the cloud will be hidden from end users - during processes like   read more

Desktop virtualization has 'major security advantages'

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One of the major security advantages of desktop virtualization is that it allows firms to keep their employees' mobile devices free of sensitive company data, according to Citrix. The firm is already using its own products to bolster cloud security as its staff turn to mobile devices ...   read more

Evolution of Desktop Service Delivery

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This guide provides a practical decision-making framework for IT decision makers to assess the client computing needs of their own organisation.  It covers how best to manage and deliver desktop services whilst ensuring the needs of business users are met and risk to the business is minimised. If you are pro-actively developing a client computing strategy, or you simply feel it is time to review what is available and need help in getting your thoughts straight, then ...   read more

Hybrid VDI can help cut costs

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Centrally managed virtual desktop infrastructure can be improved if the VDI is executed on the end-user's PC rather than being delivered over the internet, according to virtualization expert John Glendenning. He claimed that central execution means 20 times the amount of equipment is needed to deliver a solidly-performing virtual desktop environment.Mr Glendenning, senior vice pres ...   read more

Interoute recognised by Gartner as industry leader

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Researchers at Gartner have published the updated Magic Quadrant report for 2013 and have positioned leading cloud service provider Interoute Communications Ltd highly for its "ability to execute”. Interoute is the owner and operator of Europe’s biggest cloud services platform, accounting for 10 host ...   read more

London Deploys Cloud Management

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The Greater London Authority (GLA) has implemented an incident management system based in the cloud in order for it to better deal with incidents such as major traffic accidents, protests fires and terrorist attacks. Cloud-based Xactium Incident Manager will allow the GLA to track and report issues in real time, cutting down on response times and allowing local authorities to track incidents. The data will all be stored on Salesforce’s secure public cloud on the compan ...   read more

Move to virtualisation isn't a done deal

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Virtualisation benefits are clear, but the march towards implementation has not been as fast as one might expect.  The attractive benefits include the ability to consolidate to 20% of existing hardware, which of course leads to a reduced need for data centre space. Add to that reduce energy bills, lower administration requirements, and savings on licensing, and virtualization off ...   read more

OpenStack Debate Rolls On

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There's been a lot of talk in recent weeks about the best public cloud architecture and the viability of OpenStack as a "virally growing open software movement” and this came under further discussion at the Jefferies technology conference in New York held between 7-10th May. OpenStack was dreamed up and initiated by Rackspace and NASA and is an open source cloud platform which is proving extremely popular with many tech vendors. However, not all of them are convinced ...   read more

Qatar Steps up ICT Expansion

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MEEZA, the leading IT solutions company in Qatar, has announced that it is stepping up the pace of its "infrastructure projects” to further enable innovation and the growth of the IT industry in the country. Last month, MEEZA was recognised as being the leading IT solutions provider in the Arab world, after it was awarded the ISO 27001:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 certificates, which are granted by the Bureau Veritas Ce ...   read more

Virtualization becomes 'the focus of IT purchasing'

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Businesses are increasingly focusing their IT infrastructure purchasing strategies on server virtualization technologies. According to new research from Veeam Software, organisations are pushing forward with read more

Virtualization is 'the cornerstone of various technologies'

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Virtualization underpins a huge number of exciting new technologies that have transformed the way in which companies operate - including virtual desktop infrastructure, disaster recovery and read more