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Don't forget the network

Don't forget the network

How to manage your organisation’s constantly evolving IT network requirements

The overall IT networking requirements of a given organisation are not provided as a single utility. Instead they comprise a constantly evolving patchwork of technology and services, some maintained in-house and some provided by third parties, the availability and performance of which are often taken for granted until something goes wrong.

Over time this ‘network’ has become embedded in nearly every business process; when the network fails the processes fail too. To prevent this happening, businesses need their networks to be managed with the same diligence that would be applied to any fundamental asset. Only when this is the case can they be sure that availability, performance and security levels will be maintained as the demands on the network increase. This requires proactive monitoring and maintenance; a network can only be effectively managed if its performance is first measured.

This report looks at the range of factors that can lead to an organisation’s network failing to serve as well as it should and what organisations with limited resources can do to ensure that it does so in the future.

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