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Migrating to Windows 7 or Windows 8

Migrating to Windows 7 - or should you wait for Windows 8?

There are lots of companies of all sizes still using Windows XP – and they seem relatively happy with it. According to W3Schools (an online education resource), over 38% of desktops are still running Windows XP - an impressive show of loyalty for Microsoft, but one that is causing problems in its drive to move people to a more modern platform.
Those still on Windows XP should have that decision under review.

In this analyst’s commentary, you will learn

• Main objections cited by businesses in migrating away from XP
• What to consider if you are 'wedded to staying with' Windows XP
• That hardware running XP is capable of running Windows 7
• How the migration path eases the review of how desktops are provisioned
• The downsides of staying with XP
• Is XP still ‘fit for purpose’?
• Recommended actions

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Posted: 24-Nov-2011 Format: PDF Length: 4 pages Activity: 6313 views

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